Miggle and Wobble

Click on the image to play. (It was made for mobile)

Miggle and Wobble is a platformer game about two robots stuck and left forgotten in an ancient abandoned factory. They need each other to function and you have limited capabilities with the two different “play modes”. The blue robot on the top detaches and can fly for a limited period of time, but must return to his friend to recharge. These two robots need to find and turn on the generators that will restore power to the building and allow their escape. There are some areas that need cables to be replaced to complete circuits. There are hazards to avoid and puzzles to be solved. In this version of the game, only one level exists. Can you beat your own score?


This game was made for mobile, so the controllers are on the screen. Alternatively you can play on the computer with controllers explained below.

Move the Flying robot with the joystick on the left side of the screen. The flying robot consumes energy quickly and needs to recharge by connecting back with his Yellow Robot friend. To detach the flying robot, press the UP arrow on the right of the screen and then the pink button on top of the joystick.

For playing it on the computer, use the arrow keys to move. Use UP ARROW plus ENTER to detach the flying robot. For double jump, press UP ARROW twice.


Miggle and Wobble was the last game we made for our Game Development class.


Programming and Design: Barbara Leal

Graphics: Patricia Eskelinen

Sounds and Music: Johannes Leipälä

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