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“Jolene” is a Platformer-Shooter game where our alien Bounty-Hunter named Jolene has received a contract to capture a strange creature from the planet Earth. These legendary creatures are exquisite and highly valued in the Intergalactic Market. Thankfully, they are quite common and abundant on Earth, they are called “Cats”. Following the rules of the Intergalactic Council, no foreign species must be witnessed by the Humans, and therefore your time on the streets is very limited. Your technology has frozen all spectators, so your presence on Earth will go undetected. Mind you, it only lasts 60 seconds, so you have this time to fill your order.


Shoot the yarn balls at the cats to capture them, then switch to your Cat-A-Pult and shoot the cats into your Spaceship. You have 60 seconds to deliver the minimum order of 8 cats. So go out and look for them! Switch weapons with “F” or by clicking on the icons. Move with WASD. Jump with “Space”.



Programming, “Music” and Design: Barbara Leal

Graphics: Patricia Eskelinen

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