Here are some of the Games that I have been involved with making. Mostly School or Game Jam projects.

Miggle and Wobble

This platformer/puzzle game demo is about a pair of robots trying to find their way out from an underground forgotten factory. As a player, you need to manage the electricity left in the building and restart the generators to open the blast door and exit the factory.

  • Game design and Programming by me.
  • Graphics by Patricia Eskelinen.
  • Music by Johannes Leipälä.

This game was made for Mobile.

Partly Cloudy

This worker-manager game aims to teach about rest and sleep. You need to manage your workers and tend to their needs before accidents happen. This game was made as part of a cooperation in between the Tiko and Mediapolis Students from TAMK.

This game was produced for the UKK institute.

  • Graphics by me.
  • Game design by the team.
  • Scrum Master and Web design by Johanna Sankala.
  • Programming by Erika Sankari and  Valtteri Poutanen.
  • Music by Henri Nielsen.

You can download the Android app from the Play Store here.

Jolene Jolene Logo

This is a platform-shooter game. You are an alien bounty-hunter who has been commissioned to trap cats from earth to sell them on the intergalactic black market. You must look around the city to find the cats and shoot them into your spaceship.

  • Game design, Programming and Music by me.
  • Graphics by Patricia Eskelinen.

Serendipia – Global Game Jam 2016 serendipia_logo

A memory card game to just relax. It was made during the Global Game Jam 2016  and followed the theme “Ritual”. Music was later on added.

  • Game design and Programming by me.
  • Graphics by Patricia Eskelinen.
  • Art by Eve Marika Kyllönen.
  • Music by Johannes Leipälä.

House of Cats – Mediapolis Game Jam 2015 house_game

This 3D game is about escaping a house full of cats without waking up the Crazy Cat Lady.  Touching things within the room will increase the noise and if it reaches a certain threshold, it will wake up the grandmother of all evil.

It was created during the Mediapolis Game Jam. The theme for the Jam was “Ephimeral”. We planned the game so that it could only be played by using the equipment at the Jam. However we kept a version that doesn’t require the equipment.

  • 3D graphics by me and Eve Marika Kyllönen.
  • Sounds by me and Eeva Säilä.
  • Art by Eeva Säilä and Eve Marika Kyllönen.
  • Programming by Mikko Ilmonen and Andrew Knight.

Nightmares and Mirrors nightmares_game

This is a “choose your adventure” type of game where you follow a story line and have choices along the way.

And in fear of saying any spoilers, I’ll just invite you to play it. You have a percentage variable to let you know how much you completed of the game at the end of the “good ending”.

It is still under development, but you can play the first part.

Endevar endevar_game

An RPG adventure created on RPG Maker VX Ace. So far, this game has been made only by me with assets from the program, and some other edited graphics.

It follows the classical style for a hero embarking on a journey to adventure and growth.

This currently boxed. Unfortunately I have no time to work on it currently.


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